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How does it work ? How I can prepare my designs ? 

Before uploading your print file, please make sure it matches these characteristics : 

JPG, TIFF, JPEG or PNG Formats

File dimension corresponds to the effective dimension you want to get on textile

Minimum of 150 DPI

Not bigger than 150 MBs

Color mode RGB no channels

Color profile sRGB IEC61966-2.1

Name your file "YourName-Quantity-Textile". Example coolcat_5m_PoleggioBio

After upload, Printcubator checks the runnability of your file. If everything is OK, you will receive an e-mail with a payment link. If there are any issues, Printcubator will exchange with you to make you file printable. As soon as the payment has been confirmed, Printcubator starts the production of your unique fabric. 

What happens if my image is bigger than 150 MBs ? What happens if the upload does not work ? 

The upload function on the website handles files with sizes up to 150 MBs. The resolution in DPI determines the quality of the print result. To get a professional print on textile, a minimum of 150 DPI is needed. If you file has a very high resolution, reduce it to 150 DPI and it will have less MBs. You can also save the file without layers. If your file in effective size, at 150 DPI minimum, is still bigger than 150 MBs, please send an email to printcubator@mitwill.com and we will tell you how to transfer it to our service.